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Teucrium Trading’s Sal Gilbertie on the Grain Play

Lower historical correlations with other commodities, as well as stocks and bonds, make grains a compelling portfolio stabilizer. We talked to Sal Gilbertie of Teucrium…

Ash Zandieh on Venture Capital’s Affinity for Prop Tech

Technology has made its way into the multi-trillion dollar commercial real estate market, and venture capital investors have taken notice. Here to discuss trends in…

John Woods on Risk/Reward in Natural Gas

Summer 2019 has been a rough go in the always-volatile market for natural gas, with lower price lows and record market shorts.. But we're going…

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Real assets are tangible investments. Investors seek them for access to alternative sources of income beyond traditional stock and bond allocations, varying degrees of protection from the effects of inflation, safe havens in times of volatile uncertainty and market stress, portfolio diversification, and the possibility of better total returns for investors with the ability to withstand less liquid markets.

Real assets span a wide spectrum that includes the bricks, mortar, steel and digital fiber of real estate and infrastructure, the commodity inputs that make the objects of everyday life, the global energy value chain from hydrocarbons to renewables that power economic and social progress, the land where resources are grown, extracted or processed, or even non-traditional stores of value such as fine art and antiques. This site examines the news and trends shaping core real assets, encouraging viewers, listeners and readers to expand their investable universe.

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