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A new infrastructure fin-tech company, Fasset, has a bold vision for tokenizing real assets to solve the $15 trillion infrastructure spending gap–one that is already addressing trade friction and illiquidity issues for projects in emerging economies.

Investable Universe spoke to Fasset’s founder, Mohammad Raafi Hossain, a former technology advisor to the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister’s Office, and launched his firm in London earlier this year with seed capital from family offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Singapore.

The company, which officially launched this summer, says fractionalizing the ownership of essential, hard assets like bridges, roads, wind farms, and electrification grids on an Ethereum-based blockchain technology platform will let developers more easily exit (and reinvest in new) infrastructure projects, improve liquidity and asset values for buyers and sellers alike. This, in turn, will draw more investors–especially wealthy family offices in the Middle East region, where demand for such assets is great–to sustainable infrastructure in developing economies.

Hear the complete podcast conversation here.

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